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sums me up better than all the below!

May the horrors and terrible times become the footnotes, or at worst the thrilling plot twists and surprises on the adventure. Bravely and ever more bravely, keep the stories coming.

My name is Ruchi.
My favorite word in the English language is 'story'; my favorite verb being 'tell'. (There's an 'a' in there somewhere.) I believe in magic. I'm not religious, but I could be. I love the rain. I'm never happier than I am when my hands are covered in flour. I lied, I'm just as happy when my nose is buried in a book. The smell of ink gets me off. I blame everything on neurotransmitters. I love colors. No really, I do. I wrote a thesis on the character development of Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess. I untwist garlic knots before I eat them. If I'm not wearing a skirt, chances are I'm not as happy as I could be. I call the MCATs 'MmmmmCATs' because I think that will make me like them better. I have enormous, embarrassing crushes on the following: Sherlock Holmes, Frodo Baggins, Hannibal Lechter, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ender Wiggin. I have tremendous respect for Abbe Faria, Jean Valjean, Sam Gamgee, The Little Prince and Pi Patel. And yes, I'll always refer to them as real people. I tend to get lost in my imagination. My best friend and I once found cannibal chickens in an alleyway. I have this huge fascination with dinosaurs. Inside, outside, upside down I'm a Brooklyn girl and I love New York. But I will leave the country whenever I get a chance.
I wish I was a tiger. I'm competitive about winning Scrabble. I study too much. I laugh hysterically at things no one thinks are funny. I get anxious too easily. And I hate it. I wish I could be a grown up (whatever that means). I'm vain. I walk on the heels of my boots, even though I shouldn't. I'll make really lame science jokes. I make my own hot chocolate and think it makes me hardcore. I run down the beach at midnight in socks when it's snowing. I shop excessively from Victoria's Secret. I breathe in the smell after a storm from pavement and grass.
Eat meat. Regret. Be close-minded. Kiss someone I don't want to. Use the words 'like' and just, because I hate approximations. Stay in the same place for more than two years without getting the hell out. Lose hope. Be too busy for my friends; to read; to love. Understand economics, math, or anything of the sort. Eat bread with the crust on it. Judge, about anything at all.
Will love cupcakes above all else. Eggplant too. Wear eyeliner. Be at the beach whenever I can, wherever I can. Love easily. Travel wherever whenever. Have hair that remains tangled, despite frantic efforts. Be spontaneous. Cook and bake to a fault. Color outside the lines. Be superstitious. Dream big. Have Zabs as a best friend. Pride myself on impulse and spontaneity. Have pizza nights with Chris. Say 'I waddled' instead of 'I walked'. Wish my mom could understand me better. Love, love, love, love Zach. Have too much fun. Get way too cold.
Do something in the health-care field. Make something of my other dreams. Rock my MmmmCATs. Marry Zach. See the lighting of the Rockafeller Christmas Tree next year (and the elephant parade!). Have a waiting room with beanbag chairs, shag rugs, fish and a bookshelf. Own a Newfoundland named Sodapop and a Bengal cat named Rajah.

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